DEZHU US Investment, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, is an integrated company that provides real estate development, construction, building supply, and asset management. 
  1. Construction
    PowerBuild Construction is the strategic partner of DEZHU US. For more information about construction and related services of PowerBuild, please visit PowerBuild's website.
  2. Real Estate Development
    Real Estate Development
    Established in 2013, DEZHU US has a portfolio of residential, mixed-use and commercial products. Please visit the Projects page for more information.
  3. Building Supply
    Building Supply
    DEZHU US provides various high-quality building materials and is one of the largest wholesalers in the Southeast. For more information, please click Contact Us.
  4. Asset Management
    Asset Management
    Oaktree Stone Investment Fund is the strategic partner of DEZHU US in asset management. For more information, please visit Oaktree Stone Ventures' website.
Established in 2013, DEZHU US is a subsidiary of DEZHU China and mainly engaged in real estate development in, but not limited to, the Atlanta metropolitan area. Our diverse projects range from apartments, townhomes to single-family houses and high-rise hotels. DEZHU-sponsored projects always lead to tremendous economic growth, and we help facilitate the residents in both China and the US to live in better communities.

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