Welcome to DEZHU US
DEZHU US Investment, Inc., located in Atlanta, Georgia, is an integrated company that provides real estate development, construction, building supply, and asset management.

Established in 2013, DEZHU US is a subsidiary of DEZHU China and mainly engaged in real estate development in, but not limited to, the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Our diverse projects range from apartments, townhomes to single-family houses and hotels. DEZHU-sponsored projects always lead to tremendous economic growth, and we help facilitate the residents in both China and the United States to live in better communities.
Meet the Team
Founded in 2013, DEZHU US is made up of a leadership team that is as vast and diverse as the projects they develop. Explore below to learn more.
  1. Eric Xue
    Eric Xue
  2. Haifeng Liu
    Haifeng Liu
  3. Ming Liu
    Ming Liu
  4. Yanfeng Chen
    Yanfeng Chen
  5. Mike Massey
    Mike Massey
    Senior Construction Manager
  6. Emilian Ghinga
    Emilian Ghinga
    Electrical Project Manager
  7. Kevin Yao
    Kevin Yao