* Responsible for promotion and sale of company’s real estate and related fund products.

* Manage and maintain company's existing channels and resources, maintain customer relations, and expand new sales channels;

* Assist contracted customers to prepare complete sales package; fully understand customer needs, build and strengthen connections with customers, and establish first-class customer satisfaction for expanding customer bases.
Openings: 3
Duration: Full-time (preferred) / Part-time
Location: Greater Atlanta area with occasional travel

  1. Requirements:
    1. Possess effective marketing capabilities with outstanding execution and interpersonal skills; 2. Be detail-oriented, be able to prioritize tasks and possess strong communication and coordination skills; 3. Possess team awareness, learning ability and customer service skills to assist in customer development and complete sales tasks; 4. Be able to work with occasional travel arrangements to meet and accompany customers as needed; 5. Holding an accredited Bachelor’s degree or higher and/or having work or educational experience in the real estate field is a plus; 6. Having social connections and/or abundant customer resources is a plus. 7. Proficient in Chinese and English.
  2. Salary and Benefits:
    1. Salary negotiable; employee benefit package provided; 2. Company can sponsor H-1B Visas for non-US employees.
Please send applications to: